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hunting heads Executive Search delivers what has been agreed. We approach the ideal candidates actively and passively via different means of communication. Through the combination of traditional and modern direct search methods we are able to get better and faster results within a very short period of time. Most properly, no one in our field of business has more applications than hunting heads and we have the strongest research division with 220 headhunters worldwide.

executive Search / Headhunting

„Headhunters have to be knowledgeable and experienced“, says Mr. Zirbes, the founder of hunting heads Worldwide Executive Search Group. The requirements for a headhunter from hunting heads and the hurdle to become a member of the team are by far higher than at our competition. hunting heads is the one-stop-shop that offers Headhunting and Direct Search services with 18 years of experience and with German quality standards.

Direct Search Method

We search and find the ideal candidate for our clients with the most efficient Direct Search method. First of all hunting heads analyzes the competing companies of our customers to get the best possible overview about the business and the prospective candidates to be hunted. Then we approach the candidates directly. After the first conversations via different communication channels, we identify the top candidates and invite them for a personal interview. By evaluating the candidate from different angles, we find out about his true capabilities and his motivations. We evaluate if he could meet the requirements of our customers and how he could fit into the organization where he shall work. We analyze his soft facts and get a clear picture about his boundaries and limitations and as well we identify his strengths. Prior to the interview at our customer, we make sure that all relevant documents have been checked. We only supply the shortlisted candidates that truly fit into the organization of our customers. We are the experts and we get things done!

Board Consulting with hunting heads

The role of the Board Members becomes more and more important in regards of leading the company to success and setting the right steps for the future expansion. More than that the boards need to take the human factor much better into account to reach their ambitious targets. hunting heads is the well-trusted advisor for many boards who see the human capital as one of the assets to succeed in their future endeavors.

CEO Succession with Specialists

To appoint a new CEO is one of the most difficult and critical decision board members have to go through. It gets even more complicated when members of the board do not have the appropriate experience and capability to evaluate C-level people. Each year hunting heads places a remarkable number of CEO. We are a trusted partner with sensitivity and expertise. Every CEO succession project is different and the needs, requirements and circumstances are very different all the time. Therefore we can offer a lot of experience and guidance when searching for a CEO or company leader. 

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