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hunting heads executive Search

Executive search Headhunter from hunting heads middle east search and find ideal candidates for you through to direct search. Firstly, all applicants will be invited to a personnel interview. Here we find out whether the candidates will fulfil all necessary criteria’s. Prior to the interview at the customer’s office we make sure, that all necessary points are being cross checked. You only get very qualified candidates together with proper documentation.

Needless to say that we keep absolutely discretion and we work according to the legal guidelines. We will agree with our customers on a fair fee for our service. We also offer our clients to assist in all aspects of the working contracts with the candidates. We take over the complete handling of the candidates during the process.

Our Method is only direct search

Due to the long standing experience within your trade our Headhunter have a good network. We know a good number of Managers and with each new project new Candidates will be added on. The fast and unlimited knowledge transfer is a unique culture within hunting heads.  

Our customers are not only working with one headhunter – but with a company offering a wide range of resources to our clients including our employees in the recruiting department and know how management. In all countries we are working, we follow the careers of the top elite and keep in touch with over a million people worldwide.

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