Fee Policy for clients

To achieve a high reputation in the market, there is only one way: quality 

The fee policy in the segments headhunting, executive search and HR consulting is very different from many providers. The fee breakdown in headhunting and executive search usually reach from 20% to 48% portion of the contractually agreed annual salary of the selected candidate. we have to offer our clients more cost transparency created a uniform standard in each segment. 

Our total fee is not based on a fixed percentage, but according to the complexity of the search order. After analyzing your request you will receive an offer in principle with a committed total fee. This total fee subject to customary in our industry, third scheme, that the total fee is demanded innerhalt course of the project in 3 steps: 1/3 with order, 2/3 when personal candidate presentation and 3/3 upon signing contract. 

The minimum fee is 100.000 AED 
Please do not ask me for an Indian Price if you like to have a German Quality!
Pure performance-related assignments are not carried out by us.