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Everyone is talking about recruitment when it comes to headhunting and it appears that headhunting is seen as a recruitment process. But this is misleading. Possibly we can talk about Executive Search/ Headhunter when we talk about headhunting, but truly only headhunting is headhunting.

One has to understand that the world of a recruiter and the world of a headhunter is completely different. Headhunting is an aggressive activity, where the headhunter directly phones up people at their current working place to lure them away and to offer them a new opportunity. The efforts of this Direct Search and Direct Approach method are quite high compared to a web-search of the recruiters who harvests thousands of CVs on the internet and shift them to their customer. And then the customer has to do the work. Obviously there is almost no expertise necessary to get CVs out of the internet and therefore this procedure is used for staffing and for standard positions.

When it comes to find a top performer, a leader, a deal-closer and a personality that really makes the change in an organization, then a normal recruitment process fails. Then headhunting has to be deployed to find the real talents and then only the Direct Search method ensures a high quality output.

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As headhunting is an aggressive activity, our customers demand confidentiality and discretion. We are the tough guys and our customers are the good guys on the market. Hunting heads does not disclose the clients name or details easily. Only when we are sure that the candidate meets the requirements and when we are sure that the confidential information is seen as such, then we disclose the name of our customer to the candidate. Our customers trust us and we are up to proving our trustworthiness.

Hunting heads is a real headhunter and certainly not a recruiter. Hunting heads goes for the top-shots in the industries to motivate them to work for our esteemed customers. We are No.1 in Germany and No.3 in Europe.

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