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hunting heads - the Champions League of Headhunters!

hunting heads middle East & Asia is a member of hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group, one of the top 5 Executive Search companies and specialized in searching for management positions, leaders, mid- and top managers as well as board members. We only work with the direct search approach and get your ideal candidates out of your competition. We guarantee the successful placement for each position and at 90% of our orders we can present the first candidates within 4-6 weeks.
hunting heads was founded in 1997 in Germany. Our well-developed specifics are:

- All our headhunters / executive Recruiters are proven performers with a successful business history. They are hands-on specialists with a  minimum of 10 years experience in managing medium and large sized enterprises.
- Today hunting heads is the trusted advisor to many of the worlds most respected organizations on private and on government level.

- hunting heads Middle East is a member of hunting heads worldwide Executive Search Group a leading Executive Search Group with more than 220 headhunters and 35 offices in 23 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

- hunting heads offers headhunting services and Executive Recruitment from the first to third management level hierarchy. We only search for the best.

- Headhunters and Executive Recruiters have to be knowledgeable, as Mr. Zirbes, the former founder of hunting heads Worldwide Executive Search Group states. The requirements to become a headhunter of hunting heads are very strict and only experienced personalities with a long list of active business successes have the chance to become a headhunter and Executive Recruiter at hunting heads. Successful headhunting is a mixture of a powerful communication and expert knowledge, enthusiasm, the will to succeed and a very good sense for evaluating top managers on eye to eye level. Only headhunters at senior level with lots of practical experience himself!

Headhunting / Executive Recruiting is not a place for junior level personalities.
Headhunting is a demanding activity and hunting heads is committed to serve its customers on top-level!".