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This service is specifically for candidates from and for the GCC region.

Especially the GCC countries have been very interesting and sought-after for many years. We receive a large number of candidates who are looking for an adequate position in this region every day. We, the hunting heads middle East has opened a special service especially for this area.

Inverse Headhunting

Basically the candidates in our network have to meet the high requirements of the hunting heads. You earn at least 80000 USD, have at least five years of professional experience in their segment and have excellent leadership qualities. Your resume shows no defects still gaps and has as central theme invariably targeting success.

To edit the selection they pay a fee of 100 AED. Please apply exclusively through our button "application".

The recorded Manager in the Manager League, thus fulfills the highest requirements. He belongs to the ELITE and is one of the best. Unlike most low-quality job portals the Manager League provides highest quality standards!

Manager League - The ELITE Network online - more infos here 

Basis Membership 

Selected candidates have the opportunity to be included in Manager- once for an additional fee of 120 USD / 450 AED.

- Each manager in this Leader Club has been selected by the Top Headhunter of the, hunting heads worldwide     executive Search Group, reviewed and evaluated.

- All information has been checked to the best of our knowledge by our experts.

- The advantage of this network is that they get an extra chance to be seen by companies as well as companies have access to this network ELITE.

- The inclusion of the Manager League is also an award for the best managers to include.

Premium Membership "Top Manager"

- Entry into a guaranteed maintained and up-to-date database of the manager league
- Storing CV
- For hunting heads projects, this database is used among other things
- reductions in career advice and coaching
- You gain an additional chance to be seen by companies because companies have access to this ELITE network.

- We send your CV to all our cooperating headhunters within our organization Network of the hunting heads worldwide  Executive Search Group as well as to currently potential companies from our customer base.
- Additional fee 400 USD / 1500 AED to basic membership

Exclusive Membership Executive Board`s

From $ 200,000 income + management responsibility + profit sharing Managing Director, Division, CEO, Exec. Vice President, Vice President, etc

- Entry into a guaranteed maintained and up-to-date database of the manager league
- Storing CV
- This database is used for hunting heads projects
- reductions in career advice and coaching
- You get an additional chance to be seen by companies as companies have access to this ELITE network.

- Access to exclusive and active outplacement for 250 applications
Job Hunting fee 12,000 USD plus shipping charges per job application.
Included are professional photo shooting, exploratory talk about 3 hours, assessment for the position determination with tel. Coaching about 2 hours

Our professional headhunters target 250 companies!

Invest in your career

- Get in touch with the worldwide headhunter network of hunting heads
- How much do you invest in your career?
- Invest in high success. Our experts know from many years of experience how to get on top positions.
- The best service for your career - trust the professional help of our experts.
- Consulting quality - which a professional manager needs - not only when you have to find a new position quickly.
- Present yourself to the covert labor market.
- Present yourself in the long term to the leading headhunter network
- if you are already a leader today and earn more than $ 80000, get in touch with the well-known network of hunting heads
- Are you looking for a new job? Be active and trust the methods of professional headhunters! With the right strategy for the dream job!
- The hunting heads Middle East offers professional outplacement / job hunting and coordinates with the successful headhunter network of hunting heads - one of the leading headhunters in the world
- Get advice from the experts of the hunting heads
- On average, you receive between 10 and 20 invitations for calls
- Only between 15 and 20% of the top management positions are openly written out! The experts know this market very well and lead you with a high degree of probability to your goal. Goal-oriented coaching and training will prepare you for your conversations
- Our outplacement / job hunting is focused exclusively on top positions. We work with our professional researchers and offer you professional support.

We focus exactly on your requirements. No watering can Prinzip!

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