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We are different!

What is hunting heads doing differently compared to other headhunters and recruitment companies?

The increasing demand for managers and specialists requires advanced processes in Headhunting and Executive Recruiting. Traditional headhunters and recruiters may have developed a reasonable contact network that they utilize, but hunting heads as the market leader only works with the Direct Search method using the internet as a side effect. Once a headhunter is a recruiter as well, he does not have the momentum any longer to do the Direct Search - even if he might state so.

The world of a real headhunter or a Direct Searcher is completely different than the world of a traditionel recruiter. Recruiters are CV-shifters. They generate CVs on the numerous portals on the internet and then select some appropriate candidates out of the hundreds or thousands of received applications which they shift to their customers.

But the top performers, the leaders and the trend setters do not post their CVs on the internet. They hardly have time to see their families and they are addicted to their work. They are on the job 24/7 and they are extremely hard to approach. Therfore a recruiter harvesting CVs on the internet does not have the edge and does not have any chance to get a top caliber manager to talk to.

And more than that - these top leaders do not talk to everyone. They only can be addressed on eye to eye level. In the traditional recruitment companies mid-level staff is shifting the CVs that the manager then presents to their customers. They never can comprehend to the thinking of a C-level performer as they do not understand their world.

Hunting heads only deploys well-experienced headhunters as their Partners and Senior Partners. They are usually in an age bracket with the people they address and they have a wealth of experience that they can put into the conversation with the top-level candidate. And they are extremely competent in approaching difficult and demanding personalities.

That is why the top people listen to the headhunters of hunting heads and that is why hunting heads is in the position to present these outstanding personalities to the customer - more than that the headhunter “sells” the new position of to the candidate. He truly does a sales-job for our customers and he does not disclose details and even the company name of our customers easily. Our German headhunters are confident in what they are doing, they are confidential and they are top professionals!

That is why we are different than others and that is why we are so very successful in what we are doing!

We are fast

In 90% of our contracts we can present first candidates after appr. 4 weeks!

We are open to the World and use all possible Channels to succeed

We use the Internet as an advertising media and strong tool. All positions we fill are being placed in more than 60 online job portals. Candidates have the possibility to apply very easy.

Degree of German Brand Awareness

We are market leaders in Europe. Most properly we have more visitors on our homepage applying for positions, than at all our competitors together. We have about 1 million visitors and appr. 4.000 inquiries per month!

Knowledge of the Industry worldwide

All our Headhunters / Executive Recruiters are proven performers with a successful business history. They are hands-on specialists with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in managing medium and large sized enterprises.hunting heads consultants have longstanding expertise in industry have been placed as top managers in medium- and large sized companies around the globe.

Guarantee of German Quality

We guarantee our customers that we will fill the open position. We do not take candidates from our existing customers

Professional Germany Standards

We will not send C.V.s to companies without the confirmation and approval of our candidates or clients.

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